TX Plastic Pollution Symposium


The first ever Texas Plastic Pollution Symposium was held on October 30, 2018 at the Del Mar Center for Economic Development in Corpus Christi, Texas. This purpose of this meeting was to bring scientists together to discuss plastic research being conducted in the state of Texas. In all, 24 oral presentations were given and 3 posters presented. This webpage is dedicated to the information that was presented at the symposium. Thanks to the Surfrider Foundation Texas Coastal Bend Chapter, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Sea Grant, the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, and the Mission-Aransas Research Reserve for making the event possible.

Symposium Program:

October 30, 2018 Event Program.

Event Flyer:



1. The Big Shell Beach Cleanup - Baxter

2. Love Laredo B.I.G 2018 - Cortez

3. Texas Marine Debris Response Guide 2018 - Gohres

4. Don't Trash a Good Thing - Hackney

5. Microplastic in the diet of juvenline fish from Corpus Christi Bay - Hajovsky

6. Ocean Friendly Restaurants - Irps

7. First Steps - Peart

8. Comparison of microplastics ingestion between freshwater sunfish and marine pinfish - Peters

9. Life on a nurdle - Pinnell

10. A Case of effectively reducing threats to marine wildlife along the Texas Coast - Rhoades

11. Abondoned crab trap removal program - Thomas

12. A gelatinous solution to plastic pollution - Tiller