Fennessey Ranch

In 2006, the University of Texas at Austin and the Mission-Aransas Reserve purchased a conservation easement on Fennessey Ranch, a privately owned property that contains meadows, brush, prairie, freshwater wetlands, natural lakes, and riparian woodlands. This 3,261-acre wildlife oasis is host to numerous types of birds, plants, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and mammals. The Ranch is designed to be an environmentally friendly business that profits from traditional livestock ranching, as well as oil and gas drilling, wildlife tours, hunting leases, kayak adventures, and photography trips. The conservation easement restricts development from occurring and ensures that the valuable habitats of Fennessey Ranch will continue to support wildlife well into the future. The easement also provides increased access for the general public and educational opportunities to highlight the importance of healthy coastal ecosystems.
Fennessey Ranch is located just south of the town of Refugio on farm road 2678. From Corpus Christi, take TX-35 N. Turn left onto Farm to Market 136, and then continue onto Farm to Market Rd 2678. 
Find out more information about Fennessey Ranch by visiting the website: www.FennesseyRanch.net.

Entrance to Fennessey Ranch near Refugio, Texas.