Teacher Nurdle Kits Hit the Streets

February 12, 2021
Teacher Nurdle Kit

Are you a teacher that teaches students about environmental issues? Then we have a kit just for you! It’s called a Teacher Nurdle Kit, and it has a curriculum for your students to learn about how plastics reach the ocean and all the materials needed for the teacher to explain the problems and solutions clearly. This interactive kit comes with 6 glass jars of nurdles where students will work in groups to help discuss plastics, how they get into the environment, what the harmful impacts are, and what can be done to prevent plastics from reaching the ocean.


Other items included in the kit are an informational card about Nurdle Patrol, and describes how to conduct a nurdle survey along a riverbank, lake shore, or beach. A flash drive that has training video, video presentation about nurdles, a power point presentation for teachers to give to their classroom, and articles about the nurdle pollution problem.


Nurdles are tiny plastic pellets that are used to make almost every plastic item we use, so they are everywhere! Ships, trucks, and trains all carry them, and when they spill out on their way to manufacturing facilities, they reach the ocean and wash up by the millions on beaches across every coast. The issue with nurdles is that they are harmful or even deadly for sea creatures, and if we clean them up from beaches, new ones will simply find their way back. That’s why the Nurdle Patrol is determined to make a permanent change.


How to get a Teacher Nurdle Kit? Fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScMSlbAYcv7hJ7TylIwX2PpldsGcorf3GW8I4f7izSFTAcKyw/viewform 


Thanks to the Matagorda Bay Mitigation Trust for funding these kits.