The goal of the Reserve stewardship program is to promote appreciation and support for the protection of natural resources by integrating research, monitoring, education, and resource management.


The term stewardship is often used to describe the responsible management of natural resources. The Mission-Aransas Reserve stewardship program promotes the long-term protection and careful management of natural resources through the integration of research, monitoring, education, and resource management. Coastal resource managers face numerous challenges that make effective stewardship difficult, such as habitat alteration, resource harvesting, climate change, sea level rise, and invasive species. In order help address these challenges, the Reserve stewardship program strives to:
  • Provide helpful resources for managers.
  • Promote land conservation.
  • Conduct clean-up and recycling programs.
  • Assist with animal rehabilitation and recovery programs. 

Reserve habitats support many types of birds, including these endangered Whooping Cranes. 

In the spring, wildflowers blanket the landscape of the Reserve.