Management Plan

2021-2025 Management Plan for Mission-Aransas Reserve

This Management Plan describes how the Mission-Aransas Reserve will be managed by The University of Texas Marine Science Institute (UTMSI) over the five year period from 2021-2025. The Plan builds upon past Reserve successes, and outlines a programmatic vision for building upon previous accomplishments to meet future challenges and address priority issues. The Plan is designed to address six specific goals and related key objectives. Each goal is inclusive of all Mission-Aransas Reserve core programs (e.g. research, monitoring, education, coastal training and administration) and supports the Reserve’s mission of developing and facilitating partnership that enhance coastal decision making through an integrated program of research, education, and stewardship. Specific goals identified in this Plan are:

Goal 1: Advance and disseminate scientific knowledge of Texas coastal ecosystems.
Goal 2: Increase understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of coastal ecosystems.
Goal 3: Conserve, protect, and restore Texas coastal habitats and wildlife.
Goal 4: Establish and nurture partnerships to promote and advance coastal research, management, and community resilience and literacy.
Goal 5: Value and recognize personal contributions of staff and volunteers.
Goal 6: Maintain strong facilities that build capacity and enriches programs.

This Management Plan is a compilation of subject specific plans that detail the actions that will be performed to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Reserve. The Plan outlines how the Reserve will manage administration and its core programs of research, stewardship, education, and coastal training. The context for each core program is provided along with descriptions of Reserve capacity and program delivery. Detail about the specific actions that each core program will undertake to address needs and opportunities that have been identified is also provided. In addition, the plan describes the existing resource protection of areas within the proposed Reserve boundary, and a public access plan is included which describes the NERR System priorities for public access, the Reserve public access policy, existing public access, and access needs/opportunities. The facilities/construction plan describes the Reserve’s existing facilities, facility challenges, and potential future facilities. Finally, the acquisition plan details the Reserve priority areas for future acquisition and the role that Reserve staff can play in these efforts.

The success of this Management Plan is dependent on the skills and creativity of Reserve staff, with support from its federal, state, and local partners, who will use this guiding document as a road map towards implementation and success in achieving the Reserve mission. Through commitment to this Plan, the Mission-Aransas Reserve will continue to be a leader in coastal research, stewardship, education and training in Texas.

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